Turkey and Prosciutto with Peas and Pancetta Sauce


( serves 3-4)

1 package of Verdurabrand Peas with Pancetta

8 turkey cutlets sliced thin and pounded

8 thin slices of Fontina or 6 baby bell cheeses shredded

8 sliced of thinly sliced prosciutto

1 small shallot minced

3 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

Salt & freshly ground black pepper

1Tbsp butter

3/4 cup white wine

2 Babybell sliced

Peas & Pancetta preparation: Heat Verdurabrand Peas with Pancetta per directions. Let sit.

Turkey Preparation: Arrange 3 turkey cutlets on a plastic wrap over a cutting board. Place another piece of plastic wrap over the cutlets. Pound with kitchen mallet then flip over and pound the other side. Remove top plastic wrap. Sprinkle with light salt, fresh ground pepper and place a slice of prosciutto on each cutlet. Then sprinkle on the grated cheese. Roll up the cutlets and secure with tooth picks or twine. Repeat until all eight cutlets are pounded and rolled.

Skillet Preparation:In a skillet, coat bottom with EVOO. When heated, add the 8 rollatini. Allow them to get golden brown on all sides. Remove and place on plate and remove toothpicks or twine. In the same pan, add shallots and allow to saute about 2 minutes. Stir in wine and add butter. Allow wine to reduce , then add back the rollatini. Let cook 3 -5 minutes, then pour in the Verdurabrand Peas & Pancetta. Place some sliced Babybel cheese on top and cover. Let cook 2 minutes. Place on a platter and serve!